Our Network Map

Please email us to obtain image of the most up-to-date, regional map.

Our Network Advantages

A congestion-free, scalable, robust, carrier grade IP network that runs on Globecorp Networks IP backbone. If you are an Web Hosting Provider, a content player, or an Enterprise looking for carrier grade Internet Transit services that needs to deliver high performance and scalability at an attractive price, we are confident you will find our services compelling.

  • About 1.5 Tbps of edge capacity
  • Direct peering relationships with major GSM and broadband European and Russian operators (Vodafone, Megafon, MTS, RosTelekom, O2, Talk-Talk and others), delivering low latency and high speed connection to your end customers.
  • Multiple network POPs in Europe
  • Acess Options

  • Cross connects: In many cases, we are just a cross connect away from your infrastructure
  • Backhaul Options: We will fulfill a local loop to connect your data center with ours
  • Ethernet based connections: Gigabit Ethernet, 10G Ethernet, 100G Ethernet

  • If you need something special, just ask us about it. You will be connected the way you prefer.

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