How our DDOS Protection Works?

We can provide DDOS protection using different methods, depending on your requirements and your infrastructure. The most preferred one is BGP announce of your IPv4/IPv6 space via our network. Please find it explained on the diagram below:

BGP announce DDOS protection

Advantages of this method

  • You do not need to change anything in your infrastructure, ie reconfigure of software or change IP addresses of your sites.
  • Over 2 Tbps of our global edge capacity will cover you from attack of virtually any size.
  • Our direct peerings with major GSM and broadband operators will speedup response time of your infrastructure.
  • Your infrastructure will be covered 24/7/365 and do not need any intervents during attacks.
  • Disadvantages of this method

  • Cross connects: your infrastructure should be located in our service area, or be reachable via backhaul
  • What other methods are available?

    If your infrastructure is not in our service area or not reachable via backhaul we can provide you with reverse-proxy DDOS protection. Please contact us for more information.

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